History of Fort-Vauban

The Ambleteuse Fort is one of the last forts in the Channel between Cherbourg and the Belgian border. Thiis redoubt was built by Vauban from 1685 until 1690. The construction of the fort was part of a military harbour program decided by Louis XIV who came himself to visit the site which had been occupied by the Romans and then by the English.The fort was restored and rearmed by Napoleon for the Boulogne camp.

The Fort as  it was restored in 1939 (Photo A. Bernard, from a kite)

 During the second world war, the Germans used it and transformed it a lot. Seriously damaged by two drifting mines, it became a listed building in 1965. In 1967, the society "The friends of Ambleteuse Fort" was set up and became the owner of the place in order to restore it. The fort was nearly a ruin that time.

The Fort in 1967

Since it has been done up to its original state bit by bit : doing up of the rampart, tower roof, interiors appointements and annexes. These restorations have been completed with the financial support of the French government, the Pas-de-Calais departemental council, the town of Ambleteuse and the sponsorship of the Credit Agricole Bank.
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